New Photos in the Ol’ Shop

Guess what?  There are new photos in our shop!

Digital File Bundle

Nate and I are both longing for a day on the beach.  We do have a trip planned but we need tax season to end first.  So we dug out some photos from our trip to Tybee Island/Savannah, GA and did a little day dreaming.  (You can read about our trip here, here, and here.)  We thought you might want to day dream with us!

I think I’m going to move to the beach when I retire.  Next year.  Or 30 years from now.  Whatever.

I eventually would love for you to make your way over to the shop to check out the new photos.  But I would first like to show you how Lyndsay (That 70's House) displayed her Decor and the Dog Photo purchases. Lyndsay had the digital files printed onto canvas.  She then displayed them proudly on an Ikea shelf.  I am currently trying to find a place to make this work in our house!



You can read more on how Lyndsay completed this project right here!

Head on over to the shop for more information on how to order your very own Decor and the Dog masterpiece.  We have decided to keep each collection of photos listed instead of placing them in the vault.  Who do we think we are?  Walt Disney?  We wish. 

Our Shop

What’s your favorite photo from the Tybee collection?  Don’t you just love Lyndsay’s display?