New Living Room Rug

It’s another issue of “Blogger Show and Tell”.  I bought a new rug for the living room. 

New Living Room from RugsUsa

This is rug #3 for the living room. Rug #1 was too small. Rug #2 tried to kill me. Rug #3 appears to be a much better fit. It’s a good size and I can breathe. Minor details in life.

I sold rug #1 and rug #2 on Craigslist which gave me extra dollars to replace the killer rug.  And the Craigslist encounters weren’t too awkward. Well, not horribly awkward for someone with zero people skills like myself.

The new rug is the Santa Ana Faded Antique Ikat from RugsUSA.  This isn’t a sponsored post.  I spent my hard earned Craigslist dollars on this lovely.  The rug shipped fast and was in perfect condition.

Santa Ana Faded Antique Ikat Rug

It’s definitely has more color than I’m used to but I really like it.  I works well with the vision I have for the living room.  (We plan to add antique white built-ins to replace to the ladder shelves.  We are also planning a new coffee table.  We’ll either repaint one or built one.  We’re being patient on this one.  At least Nate is.)

The colors of the rug work perfectly with our furniture.  It has a nice antiquey yet modern vibe.  The rug is very soft and squishy.  Important rug qualities.

Santa Ana Faded Antique Ikat Rug from RugsUSA

My mom asked why we needed a rug beings we have carpet.  I’m sure some of you are asking the same question.  The answer is because it looks pretty.  There is no functional reason.  Just prettiness.

craft room buttons 097

Two Story Living Room

Show and Tell is over now.  I’m not sure what Ike was doing while we were taking these photos because he isn’t in a one of them.  So very weird.  I think he may have been napping in the office.

This post is very discombobulated.  I’m blaming the drugs my career as a pharmacist.

What do you think about me adding color in my life?  Weird, right?  Any great coffee table recommendations?  How do you feel about rugs on carpet?