Pinterest Challege: Button Wall Art + Link Party

Who’s pumped for the Pinterest Challenge reveal today?  This girl.  I can’t wait to see what you all tackled.
As a refresher, the Pinterest Challenge is a fun blogland motivator to get us to step away from pinning and get to doing.  I stepped away (for a very short period of time) and I did.
I have been working on my craft room and I figured the challenge would be a good excuse to knock out another project.  I have a completed sewing table and a painted buffet.  I needed something for the walls.  And then it came to me during a Pinterest scrolling session.  Buttons!
Button Wall Art Decor and the Dog
These buttons make me happy.  They add a touch of whimsy to the room with only a small dose of cheese.  I mean, they are buttons on the wall which makes them slightly cheesy.  But I think they work perfectly in my craft room.
Button Wall Art for Craft Room
I was originally inspired by this pin. 

My inspiration buttons had some nice edges and a great variety of sizes.  It’s tax season so I knew fancied router edges were out.  I had seen some round pieces of wood at Lowe’s while I waited patiently for Nate to pick out lumber for various past projects (like our farmhouse table or console table). I knew that I would need them for something some day.  I just didn’t know exactly what for. 
The answer was buttons.
Craft Room Button Wall Art
The buttons were super simple to make.  I was going to complete them all by my little lonesome.  Nate, however, decided that assisting me with the buttons would take less time than taking me to the ER.  I still believe I could have completed them on my own.  With all 10 fingers intact.  Probably.  Maybe.
If you’re interested in making buttons of your own, you will need:
  • Round Wood
    • We cheated and used the Ponderosa Panels that we found in the lumber section of Lowe’s.  Any round wood would do.
  • A drill
  • Various sizes of drill bits
  • A screw to hang the button on the wall
  • Primer and paint
I was just going to guestimate where to drill holes.  Nate reminded me that I was a co-host for the Pinterest Challenge and this project should be done right.  He took this whole co-host thing way more serious than I did.  Probably a good thing. He got out his ruler and right angle. *cough, nerd, cough*
Sewing Table 014
He marked the center of the circle.  He then measure out equal distance from the center to ensure even spacing of the button holes.
Sewing Table 042
He clamped the wood to the work table and drilled away.
Sewing Table 046
We eye balled the drill bits for size and guessed what would look decent.
Sewing Table 048
I was in charge of the primer and paint.  The holes were hard to paint so I resorted to painting them with my finger.  I’m sure a small brush would have work too but then I’d have to wash another brush.  I told Nate that I was giving the button a rectal exam.  He told me that I shouldn’t write that in a blog post.  He’s probably right.
Sewing Table 054
I used a base white from Sherwin Williams for the white button. The green button is the same green as the buffet, Sherwin Williams Agate Green. The coral button is Sherwin Williams Dishy Coral. I used spray paint on the gray button (Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch dark gray).  I found it easier to paint the buttons with a brush than to use spray paint.  Lesson learned.
craft room buttons
To hang the buttons, Nate drilled a small hole in the back of the button.  We put a screw in the wall (using a wall anchor) and hung the button from the screw.  We didn’t use a fancy system to decide how to place the buttons on the wall.  We’re all about crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.  And we had an extremely helpful supervisor so we weren’t too concerned.
He’s a fantastic supervisor.  If we can keep him focused.
Ike and the Wall Buttons
There you have it.  Pinterest Challenge complete!  Happy, whimsical button art. 
Button Wall Art
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