DIY Scarf Hanger

Today I would like to share with you an $8.00/1 hour project that has improved our marriage.

DIY Scarf Hanger from Decor & the Dog

Yes, a scarf hanger has improved our marriage drastically enough that I feel the need to tell the world about it.

You see, I kind of took over a little area of our closet.  This area has hooks for belts and ties.  Or scarfs.  (I totally Googled the plural of “scarf”.  “Scarfs” and “Scarves” are acceptable.  The things you learn here at Decor and the Dog.)  Nate could no longer reach a belt or tie.  He’d get annoyed and throw my scarves (thought I’d use them both to see which one I liked better) on the floor.  I would be annoyed that my precious scarves were thrown on the floor.  Vicious cycle.


How’d we make it?

  • We purchased a 1x6.  Nate cut it down to 24” and sanded it nicely.
  • I painted it all pretty like (Polka dots are my new love).
  • We added 6 hooks purchased from Menard’s. 
  • Ike kept an eye on the hammer.


  • Nate hung the scarf hanger on the wall with some screws and wall anchors.
  • All was right again in our closet…and lives.


diy scarf hanger by decor and the dog

diy scarf hanger

My scarves are happier.  I am happier.  Nate is happier.  Ike is always happy.  Life is good.  And I have still have room for more scarves. Yes!

Do your scarves need a new home?  Are you a scarf hoarder?  What inexpensive project has improved your love life?