Decor and the Dog Photo: New Photos

Hey.  Remember our shop that we opened way back in November? Our shop that is doing surprisingly well.  (Thanks to all that have ordered photos!!  We super duper appreciate your support. Seriously.)

We finally got around to putting up a new bundle of photos for the start of the new year.  Well, sort of the start of the year.  Let’s go with the start of tax season.  Not much reason to celebrate but we’re going with it.  See ya in April dear husband of mine…

Nate picked out five more of his favorite photos.  Like the first bundle, they are farm themed.  We’re from Iowa.  What can we say?

Bundle 2 Collagepost

We are now offering the option to purchase prints in addition to the digital files.  We know that sometimes it’s just easier to get a print in the mail than have to deal with the hassle of ordering/picking up/etc.  We are here for you.

Head on over to Decor and the Dog Photo for additional details and to purchase a Decor and the Dog masterpiece for your home!

Which photo is your favorite this month?  Any photo theme requests?  Big week-end plans?