Craft Room Inspiration

I don’t know about you but I have never really understood mood boards.  Quit showing me your plans and get to work you lazy blogger.

Well, today I have crossed to the dark side.  Mood board.  Less doing.  More planning.

I have excuses.  I always have excuses.  1. I have been struggling with sinus infections/allergies for the past couple of months.  My energy is low. When I am healthy, I am trying to do life things like laundry.  2. This may be the first room that I have thought out completely.  Usually I just jump right in. 3. It’s too freaking cold to do anything except hide under my blanket with my dog and laptop.  4. Gossip Girl.

This is what my craft room looks like now.  Well, a cleaner version of what my craft room looks like now.  It’s bad.  This room is a beauty.  See why I needed to do some planning?

craft room before

Here it is kids.  My very first room mood board with explanations to follow.

Craft Room Mood Board by Decor and the Dog

1. One of my co-workers gave me this buffet.  For free.  Yes.  Zero dollars.  I think it will be perfect storage for fabric/crafty things.

2. Most of the walls will be painted SW On the Rocks.  Grey is boring but stick with me.

3. Oh, there is going to be a chalkboard wall.  Oh yes there will.

4.  See that free buffet?  It’s going to be painted in Palmetto by Martha Stewart.

5. I need a fun table.  I’m not sure I can talk Nate into the one pictured but –ish.

6. I have been waiting for the right time to use $100 credit to Royal Design Studios.  I think their Modern Chevron Wall Stencil is a must for that wall with the window.  I know chevron is love it or hate it.  But I love it.  And it’s my craft room.  So there.  Feel free to encourage me to get to painting. Royal Design Studios have offered up a stencil giveaway if I get my hiney in gear!

7. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect coral to paint said chevron.  I’m liking SW Ravishing Coral.

8. The walls will be full of awesome crafty/girly prints.  Like this Hello Lover print!

You can see all of the random thoughts that led up to this ol’ board on my Pinterest Craft Room board!!

Mood board out.

Are you a mood board fan?  What would your dream craft room look like?  Anything that I am totally needing that I don’t know about?