Holiday Home Tour

Today is the big ol’ Christmas tour of homes over at The Nester.  I had planned on posting each room separately and then combining them into one big ol’ post.  Somehow December has slipped away from me.  Something about having a sinus infection for 6+ weeks has put the blog on the backburner.   As my brother always tells me, “Don’t make excuses, Michelle. Make improvements.”  So today…giant house tour post.  I can’t promise the post will be coherent but you all are just here for the pictures anyways, right?

Let’s start with the living room.  The living room is where we spend a good chunk of our time at home.  It’s so cozy right now. The tree lights are turned on as soon as we walk in the door each night.



Our tree is rocking the silver and gold this year.  And brown paper packages tied up with string.  (Ha. Ha.  Now you have that song in your head too.)



The walkway is sporting some lighted garland.  I think the garland on the stairs/walkway is one of my favorite parts of decorating for the holidays.


This is what the ol’ living room looks like when the sun is out. Which isn’t often.


Our mantel is simple yet elegant.  Or at least that’s what I tell myself.  Feel free to vote for it over on Emily Henderson’s facebook.  (The ways I choose to spend my precious free time amaze me.  Mainly I need a few of you to vote for me so I don’t seem like a huge loser.  I’m okay with being a medium loser.  Humor me.)

Decor and the Dog Holiday Mantel 2012

The console table is celebrating it’s first Christmas.  They grow up so fast.

Decor and the Dog Holiday Vignette 1

Our dining room is decked out in silver.  It houses are second tree.  We decorate this tree after the big one. It always seems weird to decorate a tree without a ladder.  Weird and awesome.




The kitchen is currently a disaster cookie zone so we’ll just go with this Instagram photo.  Mkay?  The only holiday decorations in the kitchen are a poinsettia, a Santa cookie jar, and lots of cookies.  Mmm, cookies. I’ll have some stellar cookie recipes for your later this week.



You saw our mudroom yesterday in all of it’s red and painted nutcracker merriness.


The eating area is sporting a little ol’ tree.  If you haven’t caught on to our theme, it’s “less is more.”


Except when it comes to Christmas lights.



We have to go now.  We need to squeeze in one last walk before the first snow of the season hits.


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