Happy 2nd Birthday Decor and the Dog

Wake up, Ike!


It’s time to put on your party best.


Why? Because it’s Decor and the Dog’s 2nd birthday.  Well, actually it was Monday but like every December birthday it got shoved to the side because of the holidays.

We generally aren’t a touchy-feely kind of blog but Nate, Ike, and I want to thank you all for reading. Seriously. We’ve had quite a few fun experiences thanks to this little blog and that’s in part because you all take the time to read.

For our birthday gift, we’d like a simple comment below telling us a little about yourself. (I’ll help you out.  How old are you? Where are you from? Babies? Fur babies? What do you want Santa to bring you?)  Feel free to also ask any questions you may have. If I have enough, I’ll answer them in another post!  I’m curious to see who’s out there. Don’t make Ike beg.  Because he will.


But since I know not all of you will comment (I’m a realist), if you could take a few seconds to answer our little survey that would be awesomesauce (I hate that word.). But boy do I love surveys.  (It’s a sickness.)