Easy Goodie Bags

I’m obsessed with Kraft paper and Baker’s twine.  It’s become a problem.  It’s like the new spray paint for me.  Wrap anything in Kraft paper and twine and it’s instantly cute.  No matter what.


I mentioned earlier this week that I have been baking up a storm.  I usually take in a giant tray to work but this year I decided that I wanted to individualize things a little.  Make my co-workers feel special.  Or something caring like that. 


I stuffed the bags full of goodies.  Each type of treat was wrapped separately.  I hate when baked goods share their flavors. It’s a Michelle thing.


The tags are from Brooklyn Limestone. I had thought about designing my own but these are too cute. Maybe next year. 


Don’t worry, Amee loves me.

Any quick and easy co-worker gift ideas out there?  I can always stock up for next year!