Christmas 2012 Edition

Guess who is back?  This girl.

I’m not going to lie. I enjoyed the amount of free time I had due to a lack of blogging. I enjoyed it so much that I almost decided to just stop.  And then I realized that was crazy.  I am, however, going to switch to mainly Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting.  I still love to blog.  I just remembered how much I also love free time.  Like watching 10 episodes of Downton Abbey loved it. 

Anywho, let’s discuss the holidays.  How was yours?  Fantastic I hope!

We split our time between my family and Nate’s.  We left a little earlier than planned to beat a blizzard that ended up shutting down almost the entire state of Iowa for a day or two. We made it and got to enjoy the aftermath of our first big snowfall of the season.

Christmas 020

Christmas 137

Christmas 139

We tried to sneak if a few walks to help aid in the digestion of the ridiculous amount of food we consumed.  He does know how to walk.  He just loses all brain cells in the snow.  We’re talking about Ike and not Nate.  Just to be clear.

Christmas 261

After walking we made and ate more food.  What I wouldn’t give for another bowl of homemade chicken and noodles.

Christmas 284

We opened gifts.  We gave my mom a photo of the family because you can’t hate a photo of your family.  (I forgot to post these photos.  Nate took them.  Remind me to post about it.)

Christmas 343

Dad got booze.  It’s locally made.  Because we’re hipsters like that.

Christmas 382

Hipsters also wear obnoxious shirts.  I’m thinking about wearing it all year. Just to mess with my brother.


Speaking of my brother.  I made him this sign.  It’s our favorite sibling phrase. I’m not sure the parents have caught on to it yet.  It’s probably best.

Christmas 351

We said our good-byes and headed back home to spend time with Nate’s family.

Nate refused to share his popcorn ball…a family tradition.  The popcorn ball.  Not the lack of sharing.

Christmas 425

We snuggled babies.  Ike sniffed them.

Christmas 498

Christmas 599

There was a shortage of presents.

Christmas 542

Christmas 682

Our sister-in-law gets the same gift from us each year…a glass pitcher.  Because we’re jerks..and she keeps breaking them.  Let’s hope this one makes it to 2014. ;)  Looks like our niece is getting bubble wrap next year.  #noted

Christmas 708

One can never have too many semis or princess nightgowns.  #fact

Christmas 702

Christmas 677

After present opening we played with Legos, flew planes and ate a whole stinking lot.

Christmas 803

And to all a good night.

How was your holiday?  What was the favorite gift that you gave?  How about the favorite gift you received?