Nate Goes Hunting

Sorry the blog has been lame-o lately.  I’m still recovering from the bacteria that has invaded my body.  Round two of antibiotics appears to maybe be doing something.

I, obviously, haven’t been into house projects.  Unless you count making a giant dent into my couch as a house project.  I’ve made fine progress on that front.

What do you post about besides your couch cushions’ giant dent? 

You post photos that your husband took while he went hunting in South Dakota.  The boys of the family head off west once a year to hunt pheasant.  I’ll save you the dead bird photos and share the pretty ones.  You. Are. Welcome.

Hunting 2012 148_HDR

Hunting 2012 187

Hunting 2012 072_HDR

Hunting 2012 047

Hunting 2012 029

I really want a cow.  Ike does too.  Nate’s not really into it.  Weak, Nate.  Weak.