Decor and The Dog Photo

There are some prerequisites to being a blogger. You have to like spray paint. And Modge Podge.  You have to be perky and remind your readers of your awesomeness.  You also have to have some kind of shop where you sell your awesomeness.

We are late to the party but today is the day.  We are opening a photo shop.


Nate and I feel there are few options for affordable, unique art.  Who is tired of having the same piece of art hanging in your living room as your neighbor?  Why is it that every piece of art that looks remotely decent is a bazillion and twelve dollars?  I don’t know about you but we don’t have an extra bazillion and twelve dollars in our home art fund.

Decor and the Dog Photo is here to help!

Each month our shop will feature five unique photos.  The photos will be part of a set/theme.  Who doesn’t love themes (another blogger favorite)?  I’ll do a post each month alerting you to the new set of photos.  Each set of prints will available for a limited time only so act quickly! (I’ve been watching a lot of infomercials while recovering from my recent illness. Can you tell?)

Each photo is $5.00 or you can purchase the five photo bundle for $20. 

A digital file will be sent directly to your e-mail which saves you on shipping/keeps the cost down.  The digital photo also allows you to choose your own print size.  Can it get any easier? 

The theme this month is Farm Life.

Farm Life Bundle

Wouldn’t the Farm Life bundle be a great gift for the upcoming Holiday season? We think so too.

How do I order? Visit our shop tab located at the top of the blog. Click the ”Buy Now” button following each sample.  You can expect an email with the digital print file attached within 48 hours of your order.

Thanks in advance for supporting our shop.  If you purchase our photos, we'd love to see how they are displayed in your home!

Do you have a shop?  Feel free to share the link.  Any specific photo themes that you would like to see/need for your house?