Stool Make-over

Do you all remember my mission to find stools?  Kitchen stools.  Beautiful kitchen stools.

Like these stools I found at a local consignment shop.


Beautiful, right? 

$10 a piece.  What a steal.  Nate was super excited about them but humored me anyways because the three stools combined were a third of the cost of all of the other stools I was looking at. 

I tore them apart, spray painted the bases and stained the tops.  I was afraid to bring them in the house for fear of hating them.  So they sat in the garage disassembled for 2 months.  It’s really hard being me.  And my husband.  And being a blogger that takes night photos on her cell phone.


The problem is that I’m debating if I like them.  I mean, I like them.  But do I like them in my kitchen?  I’m such a weirdo.  I always have to grow to love new things.  Even though I really like news things.  They look less JCPenney catalog than our saddle stools but I’m not sure about their size.


I’m a sneaky blogger too.  Kitchen backsplash reveal has to wait until next week.  I have an annoying non-matching outlet plate cover situation to deal with first.  Use your imagination.


So what are your thoughts?  Because you know what?  I’m not really sure what my thoughts are.  I just keep typing “stool” and laughing.