Random Acts of Craftiness- Husband Judge

Nate had the honor of being September’s husband judge for the Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge

I don’t think he could quite grasp how big of an honor this was…as I forced him to look through the submissions and pick his favorites.  I’m sure this would be like him making me pick players for a fantasy football team.  Wait. Nothing could be that bad.  And crafts are fun.  Especially for dudes.

Without further ado, here are Nate’s top 3 picks from September's challenge…in order of entry into the challenge.  Nate’s a middle child.  He likes things to be fair.

Dominos Mirror by Accomplishing Dreams. 

Nate liked that this wasn’t a girly project.  It was practical and not girly.  (He’s a man of many words.)


Candlesticks from Dominos by The Money Pit. 

Nate liked the practicality of these candle sticks.  He thought they’d be something that I’d like.  He is a good judge of my taste.  I tried the phrase “Use your words, Nate” at this stage to try to get more out of him.  As you can guess, that got me REALLY far.


The Almost Sunburst Mirror by Corner of Main. 

Nate thought this looked really cool even though it’s not finished.  Maybe this will be enough motivation for Kelly to complete it.  I mean, it was awarded the husband judge award.  That’s big stuff.


Thanks to everyone that participated!  You check out my project here. You can check out all of the other projects here!

The theme for October's Challenge is Odd and Ends from the Hardware Store.  I think you should join in on the fun.  You don’t even need a blog.  Ponder it.

Will you be participating in October’s challenge? What were your favorite picks?  Who thinks Nate needs to use his words?