Random Acts of Craftiness- September

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Oh boy.  Today is a big day.  It’s the first link up of the Random Acts of Craftiness challenge.

blog craft challenge

If you are new around here/have a bad memory…the Random Acts of Craftiness challenge is being hosted by Erin over at His and Hers.  Each month a random item is selected.  Bloggers are encouraged to use their noggins and come up with a unique/never been completed craft project using the selected item.

September’s challenge item was game pieces.

I love board games.  I especially love board games when I win.  I get competitive.  I resort to any and all measures to win.  I’m a notorious cheater.  I should probably be paying for therapy for my younger brother.  The kid never won a single board game growing up.  Seriously.  I can teach you to cheat at any and all board games.  It’s a skill.

I chose Clue for my challenge.  Clue is one of my favorites.  How do you cheat at Clue?  You look at what cards are left in the box to eliminate Mrs. Peacock and that pesky Professor Plumb.

You know what goes good with board game cheating? Wine.  And that ladies and gentlemen is how I came up with the answer to September’s challenge.

I combined the Clue weapons and board markers with some earwires to make wine glass charms.

Clue Wine Glass Charms2

Clue Wine Glass Charms-1


These are super easy to make.  Attach your earwires to the pieces either by slipping the wire into holes (like the revolvers trigger opening) or wrap them around the pieces. Regular ol’ wire would actually probably work as well.  Place the new “wine charms” at the base of your wine glasses.  It’ll be hard to mix up wine glasses now.  You definitely won’t confuse Mr. Green for a revolver.

Game Piece items

Be sure to head on over to His and Hers and check out all of the entries.  Nate is the husband judge this month so we’ll be stopping by all of them!

Did you participate in the challenge?  What’s your favorite board game?  Do you cheat at board games or do you insist on fair play?

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