Life with Two Dogs

Diggin’ It will return next week.  I can only have follow through for so long….until life gets in the way.  I’m preferring a mindless post today and I am the master of this blog.  Mwah ha ha.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram know that we had a houseguest this week.


This is Ike’s cousin, Sam.  He’s a Wheaten Terrier.  He’s such a good dog.  He’s goofy and fun loving. He’s about as good as you can get in the guest dog department.

Although Sam is a great dog, we learned this week that we are definitely a one dog household.  Especially a one terrier household.  Ike and Sam get along well.  They just play and annoy each other non-stop. That’s what terriers do. My poor dirty, dirty floors.


We also realized that Ike is very cat like.  He has a litter box.  We leave food out for him to eat at his leisure.  He’s pretty much as self sufficient as a dog can get.  Sam is a dog.  Dogs have to go outside.  Dogs have regularly scheduled feedings.  Dogs are definitely more work than dog-cats.


Although it was an interesting week, there was one big benefit to having two dogs.  Double the snuggling!


Are you a one or two member pet family?  Maybe more?  Is your dog a cat?  Sounds funny but think about it.