Antique Goodness

Dear Little Brother,

I apologize for today’s post.  Yes, I do realize I should file it under the label “Lame It.”  I appreciate your blog critique.  I was, however, unable to put together our console table how-to because I was helping you celebrate your birthday in the land of slow internet.

Please enjoy the following photos from our shopping trip.  I will refrain from posting the photo of you riding a saddle in a steak house.  That is love.


Your Sister

My brother is now my blog reviewer.  He informs when me when posts are lame or when I’m selling my blog’s soul.  He’s super helpful.  (And Single.  Have I mentioned that?) 

We enjoyed a morning of junk/antique shopping this week-end. His choice.  I think our love of junk may be the only thing that we actually agree on. 

Here are some photos for you all of one of my newest favorite stores.  I want to move in.


I would have made the following stainless steel table mine if it wasn’t too large for our dining room.  I was kicked out for repeatedly petting the table.  Something about scaring other customers.


This tub was magnificent.  The cell phone photo is not.


The place was full of lockers in every color.  I liked the orange.  Must mean I’m wanting fall to arrive.


Old stools and chippy cabinets.  Be still my heart.


There were maps everywhere.  This store is pretty trendy which is surprising since it is in middle of nowhere Iowa.  Iowa and trendy are generally not in the same sentence together…unless there is a “not” in there.


I loved this numbered set up.  I think I need a second home to decorate with junk stuff….and pink stuff.  I should run this by my accountant husband.  I’m sure he’ll go for it.


This store is the Broad Street Market in Story City, Iowa.  I think it’s pretty obvious that this post was in no way sponsored by them.  I just want to move into their store.  That is all.

Do you have a family member that likes to critique your blog?  Are you a fan of junk shopping or is HomeGoods/TJMaxx more your style?  What would you have taken home from the above photos?