West Elm Inspired Bedframe

The following is an actual conversation from a Thursday night.

Michelle:  "Wanna build a bedframe this week-end?"

Nate: “Grumble. Grumble.”

Michelle: “Ike, Nate is being a Grouch-a-saurus-rex again today.  Guess we’ll have to continue to live with our ugly bed skirt.”

The next day I come home to SketchUp drawings of a bedframe on the computer.  I started jumping up and down.  Nate pretended to grumble while I knew deep down he was pumped for another furniture build.  We headed to Lowe’s where we spent ~$50.  One week-end later we had a simple and beautiful bedframe.

Bed Frame 045
Bed Frame 125_HDR

We think it pairs well with our DIY Window headboard.

Bed Frame 119
Bed Frame 079_HDR

It’s crazy how $50 worth of wood can class a place right up.


I’m linking this baby on up to the ol’ Pinterest challenge tomorrow.  This beauty of a bedframe was inspired by a West Elm bedframe that no longer exists.  Luckily, my pin lives forever.







We’ll be back on Wednesday with the how-to. We’ve slept on it for over a week and haven’t fallen through so we feel safe sharing how we built it.  Nate even got all fancy with SketchUP.  Deep down he likes being married to a blogger.

Are you a fellow bed skirt hater?  Whose spouse secretly likes being married to a blogger?