Mixing Things Up Blog Style

You all know I like to change things up.  The blog isn’t even safe.

I wasted most of my day off yesterday learning blog things.  Like downloading new fonts.  I’m addicted.

New things to be aware of include:

1.  The header.  Oh, Ike.  I have been wanting to switch a white background.  Just to try it out.  I felt like the header needed an extra dose of color.  Thoughts?


2. I am actually going to start labeling my posts.  I wish I would have done that about 500 posts ago.  You live, you learn.  How does this help you?  I’ve added some tabs on the right to better direct you to things you may be interested in…without having to scroll through the entire blog.  I ramble on about many different things.  If you’re only here for the decorating, go on and click that decorating tab.  I won’t bore you with my amazing kitchen skills or how I sewed through my finger.


I’ll be cleaning up the top tabs this week-end as well.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

Let me know if something looks funny or isn’t working!

Big week-end plans?  Seen any good movies lately (rentals are a-okay with me!).  What meals should I add to next week’s meal plan?  How is that for laziness?