Awesomely Random Friday

I have some tutorials to share.  They seem like a lot of work to put together right now.  And I’m lazy.  You all understand, right?  Good.

Instead you get a really random post about really random things in my life.

1. Ike got a hair cut.  He has Andy Rooney eye brows and fluffy mustache.  Poor thing.



2. I had a mole scraped from my scalp yesterday.  The anesthetic didn’t work.  The rest of the day it felt like someone was repeatedly jabbing my skull with a needle.  I need a cute hat.  You all are resourceful.  Any cute hats out there?

3. I shouldn’t be allowed in Target alone.  I bought this rug.  It’s a little wild.  I’m debating.  Don’t mind my dishes in the sink.  I don’t.



4. I purchased this onesie for Kim's (NewlyWoodwards) baby Henry.  It makes me laugh.  Kim and I had a lunch date turn business date yesterday.  We plan to take over the world.  We’re not sure when or how.  But look for it.

My Mom is Blogging This Baby Bodysuit (You Choose Size)
via Etsy

5.  I had only purchased one thing via Etsy up until a couple of weeks ago.  I’m on a roll.  I ordered these bangles as a “Yay, I paid off my student loans” gift to myself.  I can’t wait for them to arrive.

White Vintage Set Stone Bangle
via Sweet Auburn Studio

6.  I like a weed.  Queen Anne’s Lace to be specific.  Did you know you can eat it or use it as contraception?  (I am not promoting either one.)  It also looks a lot like Poison Hemlock.  (You know, the stuff that killed Socrates.  Why do I remember that but not what I had for supper last night?)  So, be careful.



7.  Both of are families are in town this week-end.  Should be a fun time. It’s always weird when the families co-exist.  It’s unnatural.  Our families are different.  Holidays at my parents’ house include eating meals off of paper plates in front of the television.  Nate’s family has meals in the formal dining room on China.  You know.  I love the variety.

Tell me something awesomely random?  Cute hat suggestions?  Big week-end plans?  Awesome Etsy finds?