Flag Bunting

Nate, Ike and I spent our long week-end helping my little brother paint his kitchen cabinets.  Well, Ike didn’t paint.  He was on guard dog duty.

Even though we weren’t home, I was pretty excited to display our new flag bunting for Memorial Day.


I’m not really a fan of the word “bunting” but this flag bunting is just too charming.  I can’t stop drooling over it.  I almost put my car in the ditch each time I drive by.  I’m a good driver.


I purchased it from Amazon (here).  I love Amazon’s two day shipping. I decide I want a flag bunting three days before we are to leave for a long week-end.  Two days later I have my pretty little flag bunting to hang.  Nate was pretty excited about hanging it.  He was.  Seriously.


The view from the inside is fun too.  Ike noticed it from the upstairs landing at 5:30 the morning after we hung it.  He proceeded to bark at it.  He doesn’t mess around with guard dog duty.  Or messing the rug up duty.  (Yes, I still have a berry Christmas wreath up.  Classy.)


Did you display the ol’ stars and stripes this week-end?  Is your dog as observant as the Ike man?  Any lingering winter decorations around your parts?