Walking With Ike

Now that tax season is over, we’re back to walking an hour every night.  Ike is loving it.

2012-04-25 17.51.13

Walking with Ike is interesting.  We have met lots of people in town because of his fuzzy face.

2012-04-25 17.51.04

Kids love Ike.  A little girl that just moved into the neighborhood came running out of her house to give Ike a giant dog treat.  He, of course, now loves this little girl.  Kids always want to pet him.  I don’t think I accurately portray Ike on this blog.  The dog is nuts.  We are cautious with him and kids only because he gets so excited.

What else do we hear while walking Ike?

“Well, helloooo.” ~random old ladies last night.  (He’s a total ladies man.)

“I like your puppy.” or “Hi, pretty puppy.” ~small children  (These melt my heart.)

“What kind of dog is that?”

“He’s so pretty/happy/beautiful/fuzzy.”

He also prances after compliments.  He’s a special dog.

Our town is full of little parks that lead into one another.  It’s quaint.  And quiet.  And perfect for walking.  I love small town Iowa.

2012-04-25 18.03.43

2012-04-25 17.52.31

Ike loves small town Iowa too. 

2012-04-25 18.04.34(1)

Any fellow walkers out there?  Does your dog behave on walks? Ike is surprisingly awesome on walks.  Can you enjoy a nice introverted walk or does your dog force you to be social?