Before, Progress, Plans

Last week I shared with you my brother’s living room progress.  We also finished painting a few other rooms. Like the kitchen.  The fiesta kitchen.  Who wants burritos?




We had some focus issues while painting.  There were just so many hideous colors to hide.  I started priming the kitchen.  My dad asked me if we should finish a room before beginning another.  I told him this room was making me so violently ill that it could not wait.

I had some trouble with exposure compensation (I need a refresher on our long lost camera lessons) but this is the most accurate representation of the colors.


Oh my. Oh my.  Hurry.  Cover up this awfulness. 


And yes, I do occasionally get more paint on the walls than my clothes. Occasionally.

My brother loves painting ceilings.  That’s why we let him do all of them.  We’re a supportive family.


He chose Comfort Grey for Sherwin Williams for the wall color.  It’s a very interesting color.  It’s sometimes green and sometimes grey.  We both liked it a lot. 

This was the last room that we finished before I called it a week-end and head back home.  It’s obviously not picked up/taped removed but you can see there is definite improvement. 

My family may also be the messiest renovators.  I had a panic attack when I arrived and moved/organized everything into the dining room.  All of the supplies grouped by use.  My family made a lot of fun of me.  Deep down they liked the new system.  I’m sure it’s still in place….




Picnik collagekitchen

The cabinets obviously need some love.  We are going to be giving them a make-over Memorial Day week-end….because we are the most amazing sister/brother-in-law in the world.  He will repeat this to us during the three day week-end.  And feed us ice cream.

Nate is going to add some moldings to the cabinets.  They will then be painted. Probably white.  I think we have him talked into new hardware as well.  There may also be some countertop painting.  You just never know.

Who wants burritos?  What’s the worst color combo you have seen in a house?  Are you an organized DIY’er or do you have things strung from one room to another?