Organization Baby Steps

Last week I shared with you my chalkboard painted pantry doors


I decided to try something new in my life.  I followed the directions on the paint can.  Weird.  I waited the three days before writing on the chalkboard.  It was hard.  But I did it.

I also “seasoned” the chalk paint with a layer of white chalk.  (I rubbed the side of the chalk all over the chalkboard paint.)  This helps to prevent your writing from being permanently etched into your paint.  Worked like a charm.

Why did I paint the insides of the pantry doors?

 Doodling would be fun but I really needed something to get our house in order.  I’m on a slow organization spree.

I needed a place to list out what’s in our freezer and what leftovers are growing things in the fridge.  I also needed a place to hang our grocery list. Done!


Do you like how I put the Raisin Nut Bran front and center so you all think that I eat healthy? It may be hiding Reese’s Puffs and Lucky Charms.  You’ll never know.


I also listed the healthy stuff in our freezer first.  I did that mainly to trick myself into eating healthy by reading the “good for me” stuff first.  But also so you all think that I eat healthy.  Read further. You will change your mind.  Girl Scout cookies anyone?


I needed a spot to hang our weekly grocery list.  I made a list about a year that contains our most commonly purchased items.  It is organized according to their location in the Target aisles. (I need to redo it though because Target moved stuff around.  The nerve.)  During the week, we mark off the items the we run out of/think we will need.  Having the list organized by aisles makes grocery shopping a little easier.  We used to go from one end of the store to the other because we would forget one or two important items.  Now the items are grouped together!  I have enough lists printed for 1 month and they are proudly displayed in the pantry instead of shoved into the junk drawer.


We are trying to work things like Cheese Whiz and Teddy Grahams out of our diet. Baby steps.  Our grocery cart was very healthy this week.  I did hear something about the world ending.


I’m still debating on how to use the bottom panels. I think I may use them for meal planning…and doodling.  

There you have it.  Baby steps towards kitchen organization.  Sharing my pantry and grocery list feels a little like showing my underwear drawer…very personal.  (P.S. I did just organize my underwear drawer and it’s been life changing. But there are some things that will never make this blog!)

How do you keep track of what’s hanging out in your freezer?  Any great grocery list tips?  Meal planning strategies?  Any organization that you won’t share on your blog?

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