7 Very Important Topics

1.  I turn 30 on Sunday.  Thirty.  That hurts.  I know it really doesn’t matter but I like to worry about things that I have no control over.  It’s my thing. 

2. The lovely sisters over at Paisley Print Shoes shared some fun jewelry storage ideas…including mine.  Head on over and check that out post here!  I enjoy their blog so much.  Two sisters with different tastes coming together to write a blog.  I should start one with my brother.  Oh, that’d be a good one.


3.  I have the day off.  Our birthday is a holiday at my place of employment.  I really do like my job.  Especially when I have the day off.  Ike loves days off too.


4.  I want to make myself a rainbow birthday cake with sprinkles.  Is that weird for a 30 year old? Don’t answer that.

                                via Whatever

5. I am obsessed with this tote.  Obsessed.  Someone find me a less expensive alternative…that looks just like it.

via Madewell

6.  Nate and I are going to Costa Rica in a couple of months.  I want to go now.  I'm a very patient person in my old age.  Have you been to Costa Rica?  If so, give me the scoop!  I can’t tell if I’m more excited to see the rainforests, black volcanic sand beaches, or monkeys.  Who am I kidding?  It’s the monkeys.

image                                                                via Riu Guanacaste

7.  Happy Week-end!

What are your very important topics this Friday?  Trips. Want list. Recipes. Monkeys.  Tell me all about it.