Swap This…Day Two

Welcome to day two of “The Honey-Do List” blog swap!


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve teamed up with Erin @ His and Hers, Kelly @ View Along the Way, and Carrie @ Hazardous Design for four fun days in which we’ll be celebrating DIY life with our husbands.

We all know that without them, we wouldn’t get very far in our quests for home improvement. (Unless you are Ana White.  Darn you Ana White.)  For their humor, their encouragement, and their patience in the face of questions like “Are you sure we can’t move those curtain rods a little higher…for a third time?”, we think they deserve a big fat round of applause. Or at least four days of blog posts in which we talk about them.

Today’s topic over at View Along the Way is “Working with Husbands: What We’ve Learned.”  Head on over and check out our thoughts!


Did you miss yesterday’s post on “Why We Make A Good Team”?  Check it out here!

What have you learned working with your significant other?