I’m Hired

I neglected my house again this week-end. I headed home to the land of slow internet and bonded with the family. 

On Saturday night, my cow painting little brother got news that he was a homeowner.  Nate and I were unsure that day would ever come.  We’re very proud of him.

His new house is charming and full of potential…


Most of you would pass out if I told you what he paid for it.  (Not a lot of dinero.  We love Iowa.)

He hired me as his interior designer.  By hired, I mean that I get to help him pick things out that are masculine but not dorm-like.  And I have to do a lot of painting.  Something about owing him for helping me paint two houses. Details.

Here’s what he has to work with (photos courtesy of my mother)…

The living room needs a fresh coat of paint.  We are still arguing deciding on painting the trim.  I’m obviously pro painting.  Our father is very against painting.  It’s all up to little brother.  I’ll have a poll at the end to assist us in this decision.  (The family loves when I use the blog for these kind of things.  Who doesn’t love a good poll?)



I love the front door.  The purple ceiling, however, isn’t working for the brother.  I don’t get it.


The current plans for the kitchen include painting the walls and cabinets.  What possesses one to paint a ceiling bright yellow?



The dining room has a fancy striped flat/gloss paint treatment.  It could be worse.  At least the ceiling isn’t purple or yellow.


Little brother loves everything about this powder room.  He is lucky to have a bath on the first floor.  I’m not sure lucky is the word to describe this room though.


There are three bedrooms and a full bath upstairs.  He gets to keep that cast iron bedframe.  I’m drooling.


There will be no changes in the following room.  I kid, I kid.  I wish someone would have asked the former owner to step away from the primary colors and paint brush…



There you have it.  The first of many posts about my little brother’s house. 

My dad and I are thinking about pitching a show to HGTV.  We’re thinking the title could be “No, you can’t bleeping paint that.”

And because I love a poll…especially when it comes to the ever controversial topic…

What are your thoughts on the great paint vs. stain debate?  Have you painted stained trim?  Do you love it or regret it?  (Post a link if you have one!)