Something Is In The Water

Is everyone you know having babies?  Yeah, me too.

That means lots of baby showers.  I loathe showers of all kinds (well, besides daily cleaning myself showers.  Eh, nevermind…I hate those too).  I’m the worst female on the planet.  The games, the “oooing” and the “ahhing”.  Drives me bonkers.

I do love my friends and their soon to be spawn though…so I go.  With a fake smile on my face…and a lovely handmade gift in hand.

This week-end I attended a shower for a friend from pharmacy school.  I whipped her up my go to baby blanket….the day before the shower. If I can make this, you can make this…



Her nursery is brown and pink so I decided to stick with that.  Always the safe one.

I tried to take step by step photos but I got bored/forgot after about step 1.  I promise I’ll do better on the next one.  In the meantime, you can check out a similar blanket pattern here!

I also decided to try out a project I have been meaning to try forever…appliqueing a onesie…


These may or may not have been made to represent the lovely Iowa Hawkeyes.  I can’t tell you for sure because I am sure there is some kind of copyright law.  But it’s an “I”…there is no copyright on the letter “I”….or black and gold.

These are so easy. 

Buy some Heat n’ Bond iron on adhesive.  Follow package directions and iron on Heat n’ Bond to fabric of your choice.  Trace object of your choice onto fabric (“I” in my example).  Cut out object.  Remove paper Heat n’ Bond paper from fabric.  Place object in desired position on onesie.  Iron into place as directed on package.  Stitch around outer edge of object in whatever stitch/size you prefer.  Done-zo.  I told you it was easy.


My stitching isn’t perfect but I think it gives it character.  People at the shower were asking where I bought them.  Yay handmade!

What’s your favorite go to baby shower gift?  What’s the worst baby shower game you have ever played?  I think if we ever decide to have spawn, I will have a couples shower to make Nate suffer too.  I’m a good wife….

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