My Brother is Mootastitic

Today I’d like to share with you all one of my favorite gifts that I received at Christmas. 

A cow painting.

January 168

This isn’t just any ol’ cow painting.  This cow painting was painted my little brother.  It is his first painting.  I’m beyond impressed. Look at the cow’s shadow.

My brother and I have an interesting relationship. We are extremely close but we do much better in life living apart.  He tells everyone that our relationship has the shelf life of fish….3 days and we start to go bad.  This is day 2.75 of Christmas at home…

January 039

I’m touched that he spent the time to paint this for me. (Not only that but he took photos of the process for a blog post.  That’s true sibling love.)

The cows are now living happily in my laundry room….



They make me smile as I’m shoving Nate’s dirty underwear into the washer.  That’s an impressive cow painting.

I have my brother pondering an Etsy shop.  He doesn’t think they are good enough to sell.  I think he is wrong. Because he’s always wrong.  He’s my brother.

Any great gifts from your sibling(s)?  What’s your shelf life with your sibling(s)?