Do You Collect?

Do you collect things?  I had a stamp collection and a music box collection as a kid.  (I was one of the cool kids.  Can you tell?)  As an adult, I didn’t really have the desire to collect anything.  Until I saw a collection of globes in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  I NEEDED a globe collection.  (Still one of the cool kids.  Can you tell?)

I started looking.  Globes slowly started popping up in thrift stores.  I refused to pay more than $10 for a globe.  Slowly but surely, I have completed my globe collection in our office.

I found my final globe this week-end while thrifting with the lovely Kim.


The globe on the left was the last globe in my quest.  I found the one on the right a couple of months back.  I just hadn’t added added it to it’s home.  Lazy much?

I’m a little sad that the globe hunting adventure is over but I do like how the completed grouping looks…


And for those of you that e-mail wanting to know how I balance working, blogging, and having a tidy home….I don’t.  This is the cleanest our office has been in months.  It is the dumping ground for all things that we don’t feel like putting in their proper homes.  I cleaned it right before snapping these photos.  It previously looked like this…


Feel better?

This room is my next decorating victim.  New curtains, new couch, new wall hangings, styled shelves.  Now if only the vision would come to me! 

At least it’s cleaner now.  And full of globes.  And cleaner.

Do you collect anything?  How do you organize all of those important papers, papers, etc that pile up in the office?  How do you feel about this wall color?  (I’m torn on the whole painting thing.)