Blogging Basics- Finding Your Niche

Let’s continue the Blogging Basics series!


If I was an organized blogger, a blogging series would go in order.  Since I am not, you get whatever I feel like writing about this week.  It’s fun being in charge. 

Today I would like to discuss finding your niche.

I feel like this important topic gets missed when the big bloggers discuss blogging and how to grow your blog.  As a baby blogger, other baby bloggers are going to be the key to you enjoying blogging. (I don’t believe anyone that says they don’t care if anyone reads their blog.)  Other bloggers of small blogs will be the ones that comment on your site.  They will be the ones that encourage you to keep going with your projects.  They will be the ones you go to when you have a question regarding blogging. 

How do you find your niche? 

I had trouble finding the answer to this question.  I started by visiting some of the larger blogs that I read.  I then clicked on their comments and visited the blogs of their commenters.  Slowly but surely I started finding blogs that I related to….DIY, late 20/early 30 somethings, design focused, dog lovers, witty, crafty.  I also looked through the blog rolls (list of blogs on the side bar) of the new blogs that I found…and the commenters on these smaller blogs.

Once you locate these small blogs that you enjoy reading, comment away!  Comment nicel and be genuine.  You can skim the posts of the big guys but be sure to read the posts of your new found niche friends.  They will know if you actually read the post.  (I can totally tell.)

Over time, you will start to see who your niche is.  This can take months.  It takes time to establish relationships in real life.  It takes time in blogland also.  Be patient.  Your niche will make blogging a ton of fun.

Who’s in my niche?

I was going to list out my niche but I don’t want to forget anyone.  I’d feel bad. Basically my niche is located in my blog roll (on the right side under “Must Read List”).  Look, I did your homework for you.  Happy clicking!

Any other questions about finding your niche?  I’m sure I am forgetting something important because my brain is cloudy from dealing with way too many drug interactions. 

I also encourage you to leave a comment today with a brief description of your blog.  This will make it easy for everyone to help locate a new niche friend or two!  I like the word “niche”…can you tell?