Barn Light Electric Fans

This week-end Nate and I were busy installing the $1000 in free lighting we won from Barn Light Electric.

The previous sentence still doesn’t seem real to me even though the lights are hanging beautifully.  Someone pinch me.

We replaced our kitchen pendants with the Bermuda pendants in satin steel.  They are so shiny and beautiful.  A perfect fit for our kitchen!




We need to purchase light bulbs in a lower wattage though.  The 60 watts are slightly blinding.


We choose the Laramie pendant in vanilla cream for the eating area.  We think the pendant goes perfectly with our newly built farmhouse table.  The eating area now how this great rustic/industrial feel to it.


We hung this pendant higher above the table beings that the light is all downward facing. If we hung it any lower, the entire table would not be lit. This pendant doesn’t light up the room as much at night compared to our previous light (because it faces down) but we like the cozy feel.



We chose the Altus Hugger Ceiling Fan for the master bedroom. We liked the simple design.  We decided to not add the optional light.  We did some thinking.  We couldn’t remember ever turning on the light in our bedroom and we preferred the look of the fan sans light.  It’s not a beautiful chandelier but it’s definitely the next best thing.  I really didn’t think pretty and ceiling fan could ever be in the same sentence but this is definitely a pretty ceiling fan.




We also received another pendant light for our guest bedroom but didn’t get around to hanging that one this past week-end.  We’ll share that with you when we do get it installed.

We are very happy with the quality of these lights.  They were easy to install.  As in, we installed these lights together and not once did we even begin to argue.  That’s impressive.  Beyond impressive.

Thanks again to Barn Light Electric for the amazing lights!  We are definitely fans of your products!

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