We’re Expecting…

Ike and I have exciting news….


We’re expecting…….an eating area make-over! 

Someone go retrieve my mother from Babies ‘R Us and kindly explain that I’m a horrible daughter and I will never joke about being pregnant again.

Phase 1 of the make-over:  The addition of beautiful chairs.  The Jackson Metal Tub Chair from World Market, to be exact.




I had previously mentioned my obsession with farmhouse tables and metal chairs.  I had a particularly interesting day at work.  I was drooling over chairs online and noticed that these lovelies were 25% off.  Nate and I had the following conversation.  Please note that I am impulsive.  Nate is not.  He is my voice of reason.

Michelle:  “I’m obsessed with these metal chairs.  I’m going to buy them.”

Nate:  “Whatever.”

Michelle:  “No, I’m serious.  I have to have them.”

Nate:  “Whatever.”

Michelle: “Stop messing with me.”

Nate:  “You’re a big girl.”

Michelle:  Click.  “Okay. I did it.  You are to blame.”

Come to find out, he actually likes this style.  The dude continues to surprise me lately.

I have only briefly tested out the chairs but they are pretty darn comfy.  The metal-ly goodness makes me smile. 

This was my first World Market experience.  It was a good one!  The chairs arrived quickly and were packaged well.  They look exactly like the images online.  I have this problem with buying things online and then hating them when they arrive.  Not the case with these lovelies.

Ike even approves…


Please tell me I’m not the only impulsive person out there.  I am now on a self-imposed house spending freeze until after the holidays.  Or until my next crazy idea arises.

Phase 2 = table

Phase 3 = lighting

What do you think of the chairs?  Who are my fellow impulsive readers?  Who thinks Ike needs a hair cut?