Molding Questions Answered

Who’s sick of my powder room?  I kind of am.  I’m not gonna lie.  I mean, I’m in love with it.  I’m just tired of posting about it.  This is the last post.  I think.  I hope.  Tomorrow will be fun.  I promise.  Oh, I can’t wait to share tomorrow’s post.

Here’s something fun.  A nice reader left an explanation of the term powder room in the comments…

“Supposedly the term powder room comes from a small room the was reserved for powdering wigs on the way out the house. That way it was contained in a small space.”

I learn so many things blogging.  (Thanks Julie!)

We’ve had some questions regarding the molding in our powder room.  Let’s hope I can answer them! 

Please refer to following picture…


How did you determine the height and spacing of the moldings?

We determined the height of the molding based on laziness.  I stenciled two full sheets on the wall and then stopped.  I thought this was genius.  The slight flaw in our plan is the outlet and light switch. Nate needs to cut the plate to cover both.  Eh.  You win some and you lose some.


As for spacing on the squares, we looked at our inspiration image.  We guessed that they used about 4” from the wall.  We held up the molding at 4” and we both liked it.  Done.

What did you use for the top part of the molding?

Nate ripped a 1x2 down to 1 1/8”. He thought the 1x2 stuck out too far.  I was impartial.  He nailed the 1x4 to the wall.  He then glued the ripped board and placed it on top of the 1x4.

What did you use to make the squares?

We used a decorative Colonial molding.  Nate installed the squares on the wall.  No pre-assembly here.  He cut the ends to 45 degrees and nailed them the molding into studs (where available) and also used glue when there were no studs.

Did you keep your original baseboard?

We did keep the original baseboard.  It worked with the rest of the molding so there was no need to replace it.

How’d you finish off this project?

We caulked between the wall and moldings to provide a seamless look.  We then painted over everything.  It was nice having the walls already painted white.  Made the molding going a lot faster.   Well, as fast as painting moldings go.

Any questions?  Moldings bore me.  I love them.  Just don’t love writing about them.  But I do try to be educational…sometimes. 

On a fun note, did you watch any good movies this week-end?  We watched Arthur (the Russell Brand re-make).  Amazing.  You must watch it. I’m serious.  You CAN have amazing and Mr. Brand.  I didn’t think it was possible. I now want to watch the original…

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