Happy Birthday Nate

Nate turns the big 3-0 today! 


(Those are balloons.  Not sperm.  I majored in Biology.  Cut me some slack.)

I made him a special birthday basket to take to work…


I’ve seen a lot of  “30 Sucks” with a container full of suckers.  From what I know, grown dudes aren’t super into suckers but they do like them some candy bars.  Done.  I prefer “bites” over “sucks” anyways.  It’s a classier term.

Fall 186

A dude with a jerky gun needs classy things on his birthday.

Although I do all of the blabbing on this blog, Nate plays a big role around here.  He’s the behind the scenes dude.  He helps me execute the crazy ideas that come into my head.  He puts the kibosh on the really crazy ones.  He takes the pretty pictures.  He has an amazing eye.  He’s responsible for a lot of the paint colors in our house.  He reads your comments.  He encourages me to keep being the best that I can be.  And he sneaks snuggles with Ike.

He’s a pretty special dude.

Happy Birthday Nate!  30 isn’t that old, right?