Evolving Tastes

I recently mentioned that I use the term “evolving tastes” to explain to Nate why I need to constantly change things in our home.  It’s time to show you what I’m talking about.

Today I would like to introduce you to the living room in our first house…



Also known as the room with pieces that are too large and dark.

I was so darn proud of this room.  The shelves, the mantle, the giant black couch. I think the only thing we got right in this room is the wall color (I don’t remember the name.  Bummer.)  And yes, this is what the room looked like after we had lived here for two years.  Oh my.

I knew I wanted something a little more grown-up, cozy, and inviting for our second house…



See, evolving tastes.  I know I still have room to be “evolve” (hello matchy furniture) but it’s good to see some progress.

My “problem” (using the term VERY loosely) is that we plan to live in this house forever. I don’t want our house to become dated.   It’s easier to update your style when you move into a new space.   Moving a good excuse to start new…buy new furniture, try a new wall color, etc.

When you live in your forever home, when do you start new or do you just edit?  What are your thoughts?  Have you stuck with one style or has it changed over time?