Master Bedroom Closet

Today I would to introduce you to a new “room” in our house….our master bedroom closet.  It’s nothing fancy.  It is large and practical.


The closet is where Ike likes to sleep in the sun and bark at the dog across the street. And we store our clothes here.  The large picture window may be a slight design flaw.  We do enjoy the natural light…just not the having to remember to close the blinds when changing at night.

On the left is my side…


On the right is Nate’s…


This past week-end I went through all of my clothes and got rid of things that didn’t fit, have been with me since high school, were stained, etc. I don’t know why it took me so long to tackle this because it is so nice having extra room.  I’ll drop these clothes off at the Salvation Army.  I like donating. 

I did make a huge step in my life.  I got rid of some ugly flannel pants there were about 5 sizes too big and were thinning horribly.  I’m surprised part of my wedding vows didn’t include me getting rid of these immediately.  The Christmas tree pants, however, were on me so they survived…much to Nate’s disappointment.


Ike wanted to keep his cherry bikini but I eventually talked him into letting it go…


You’re not in high school any more little buddy.  Sad day…


Are you a clothes hoarder or do you only keep what you wear?  What’s the ugliest but yet most comfortable item of clothing that you own that you just can’t part with?  Who feels bad for my poor sleepy dog?