Kitchen Goes White

Today I am going to tell you a story about how Nate’s sister’s kitchen went from this…

To this…

One Labor Day week-end, Nate’s sister invited us over to help her paint her kitchen cabinets.  How nice of her.  (She had previously painted the walls (Burnished Clay from Behr) and installed new flooring (Armstrong's Almafi Black Vinyl Tile.))

The cabinet doors were removed and set up for painting in the garage…

Labor Day 018

Nate’s sister went with Rustoleum's cabinet painting kit in Linen.  The kit contained a stripper (for the cabinets..get your head out of the gutter), a base, a glaze, and a sealer.  The stripper would have worked well if the previous owners hadn’t chosen to use gallons of varnish on every door.  The many layers of varnish did require some sanding.  We then brushed on 3 coats of the base on all of the doors and then cabinet frames.  Nate’s sister decided to skip the glaze and then finished with the sealer.  Overall, we were all impressed with Rustoleum’s kit.  The paint went on well and had a nice professional finish when dry.

After we left (we are only so loving), Nate’s parents helped install the counters (Custom Craft in Black Granite), reinstall the cabinet doors, and install the new cabinet hardware.

Nate’s sister then got to work on the tile backsplash the following week-end.

A couple of week-ends and less than $1000 later, she has a pretty new kitchen!  I’m pumped to wash dishes in this kitchen at Thanksgiving! On second thought, I vote paper plates so I can just admire the beauty of a newly remodeled kitchen.

Moral of this story: Painting your kitchen cabinets is totally worth the effort.  We do recommend calling all willing family members to help you out!  Nate’s sister also e-mailed me stating she would be willing to help us with our kitchen backsplash when we get around to it. Bonus!