Dog Bow Tie

What would I do without Pinterest?  (Besides clean my house, read, etc).  I mean, I would never know that Ike needed a bow tie…

How hard can it be to make a bow tie?  With a little experimentation (I did major in Biology) on a rainy Sunday, I came up with this…


Would you like to make your favorite canine a bow tie?  Here’s how I did it.  I, however, should probably stick to give advice about your medications but here’s my attempt at a sewing tutorial.  I wish I knew how to use our DSLR…

Gather your supplies:

  • Two 4”x12” pieces of your fanciest fabric.  Dogs totally know the difference. 
    • I made a couple before I got the size right.  Ike weighs about 24 lbs so you can probably guess from there the size you may need.
    • One 3" x 4" piece of matching fabric
    • A sewing machine.
    • Thread and needle.

Step 1: Grab the two 4”x12” pieces of fabric and place them right sides together.  Sew around the edges (I don’t remember what I used for a seam allowance. Small.)  Leave a small opening on one of the short ends.  Turn ride side out.  You might need to shove your scissors or a pen in there to get the corners.

Step 2: Sew the two ends together (tucking the unfinished edges under).  I got crazy with the zig-zag stitch. Why did I use a zig-zag stitch.  Because I have never used this option and it looked fun.  I used white thread because I wanted you all to be able to see my awesome sewing skills…not because I didn’t have black thread at on hand.


Step 3: Fold this piece in half and sew a small line (~1 inch) in the center-ish.  This will help the bow tie bend.  Ike is a great sewing assistant.


Step 4: Grab your 3”x4” piece of fabric and fold in half (right sides together) and sew along one edge.  Turn right side out.  Again, grab that pen or scissors.


Step 5: Hand sew these ends together.  Unless you are smarter than me and can figure out how to do this with a sewing machine.


Step 6:  Slide the larger piece of fabric through this newly created loop.  And voila, you have a doggie bow tie…


I slid Ike’s collar through the back of the smaller loop.  I suppose you could get fancy and sew a collar but I already felt ridiculous spending 30 minutes of my Sunday making my dog a bow tie for no apparent reason.  He loves it though…totally worth it…


Look at that face.  Pure joy from his bow tie.  Or was it the bone in my hand?  Totally the bow tie.

How do you pamper your pet?  Fancy toys, yummy treats, bow ties?