Bedroom Furniture for the Parental Units

On Tuesday I shared with you some changes that we helped my parents make to their bedroom.

Part of those changes include some furniture painting.  It’s been awhile since I completed a furniture make-over.  I missed it.  I find painting furniture therapeutic which is weird because I hate painting.  I’m a complicated human being.

First up, the dresser…

My mom purchased it from a co-worker for $25.  The dresser was made by a family member of the co-worker.  It was in great condition but you can see some knots in the wood.  I filled them in with a little Elmer’s wood filler and sanded them smooth.  Mom wanted a punch of color so we went with Sherwin Williams Coral Reef.  We used their ProClassic Interior Enamel.  This was the first time I used this type of paint for furniture and I really like it.  It self-leveled and covered well.  The knots disappeared!

Herrick Master Bedroom 071

I wasn’t sure about the knobs at first.  Mom loved them.  They are growing on me.  I would probably replace them with a glass knobs but only because I like to make things difficult.  This dresser ended up fitting in well with the cottage theme Mom had in mind.

Next up was the nightstands.  I pre-warned Mom that it would be difficult to find a pair of matching nightstands.  Finding anything that resembled a nightstand was difficult in middle-of-nowhere Iowa.  We did end up with these two nightstands that we were purchased from two different antique stores…


They were close enough in height and similar looking.  We went for it.  The one on the right had obviously seen some better days but we weren’t scared.  A little sanding, primer, and paint and we had these beauties…

Herrick Master Bedroom 076

Herrick Master Bedroom 077

I love a good furniture make-over!  Especially when I don’t have to pay for it.

Have you painted any furniture lately or do you think painting wood is a crime?  What’s your favorite type of paint to use on furniture?  On a random note, tell me what you’re reading so Mom and I can stock our nightstands with good reading material!

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