Not a Terrarium

I mentioned yesterday that this week-end I tackled 4 projects that I had previously pinned on Pinterest.  First up, a terrarium…


I channeled my inner hippie (terrarium’s were popular in the 70’s) and headed to Lowe’s and the Salvation Army to purchase my supplies. 

Here’s what you need for a terrarium:

  • A glass jar (I purchased mine for $0.25 at the Salvation Army)
    • My jar is not enclosed.  My brother kept telling me over and over again that I was not making a terrarium because it was open.  Research tells me that open containers are “dry terrariums”…but he still wouldn’t listen.  I told him I would title the post “Not a Terrarium” just for him.
  • Rocks (Found in my driveway)
  • Potting soil (Found in my garage)
  • Small plants (Lowe’s $3.00)
  • Moss (Lowe’s $2.50)
  • A furry assistant (Purchased 4.5 years ago)
  • I suggest working your pajamas.


Step 1: Add rocks to your container.

Step 2: Add potting soil.


Step 3:  Add plants. Carefully.  My brother kept telling me that I was too violent with the plants.  Girl just doesn’t know her own strength.  Brother is pretty bossy with regards to projects.


Step 4: Add a small amount of water.


Step 5: Add moss.


Step 6:  Tell your assistant to stop sunbathing and get back to work…


Step 7: Enjoy your “Not a Terrarium”


It’s currently residing in our living room.  Let’s hope it lives.  The colors work nicely with everything else that is already on the shelves.  It’s a little 1970 but who doesn’t need a little extra hippie in their life? And the cable box/DVR keep it 2011 (I should pin a solution to those cords.)…



Are you digging anything groovy from the 70’s?  Do you have a terrarium?  Or are they too 40 years ago for you?