It Mooves Me

I have a problem.  I get an idea in my head and I obsess over it.  It usually involves home decor or clothing.  I find something that I just have to have and it consumes my thoughts.  I also have this pesky thing called “a budget”.  Sometimes the two of these “issues” butt heads.

My latest obsession….cow paintings.  I really want a large cow painting to hang in our mudroom. (Yeah, the mudroom that we started working on back in May.)  Cows are so cute.  And paintings of them are expensive…


5 x 7 IN - "Commencing Count Down" - Cow Farm Folk Art Giclee print from my original painting

Iris the Cow - Giclee Print of an original painting - 10x10

Elise the Cow - 7x7 Giclee Reproduction on stretched canvas

I’ve had a few suggestions to just blow up a picture but I want a quirky cow painting. Final story. Unfortunately quirky cows aren’t cheap.  Why do I do this to myself? 

Luckily my brother is pretty artistic.  I sent him a link to the last photo and asked if he could paint me one like it.  He texted me this sketch that he drew in 5 minutes along with this message….”possibly i have never painted but shouldn't be too hard ......ppl have been doing it for thousands of yrs. :)- “. 


I’m headed home in a month and I’m going to set him down with a canvas, some paint, and beer and not let him leave until I have me a pretty little cow.  I’m an amazing big sister.

Nate totally doesn’t understand this cow obsession but he is happy that I may have found an inexpensive solution to my cow painting conundrum.

Do you currently have any quirky obsessions?  What do you do when your wants and budget collide?  Who’s with me on the cows?  Or are they a little too midwest-quirky for you?