Help the Indecisive

I’m nothing if not indecisive.  And I love a good survey.   And I’m tired of writing how-to posts.

How about you take a survey and help me make a decision that I keep wavering on? Ok!

What color should I paint the inside of the entry door to our garage (Not the bi-fold doors.  We’ll tackle those another day..unless you have an easy fix for us!)…

Black? Red? Yellow? Keep it white?


For those who have trouble visualizing things (Try not to be jealous of my Photoshop Skills. I only pretend to be a fancy blogger)…


Note: These are not the exact colors I would use.  They are just the first that I clicked in Photoshop..again, I’m a fancy blogger.

What do think?

Feel free to leave a comment with why you picked the color that you did! Comments help make my work day more enjoyable.  Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be pharmacists....