Taller and Shorter

The true title of this post is:  I was I was a little bit taller and I wish my shower curtain was a little bit shorter….

Why do I wish I was taller? (and a baller…you’re welcome for the annoying song stuck in your head)…


I started painting the guest bathroom last Thursday.  I sent this cell phone picture to Nate to see if he had any suggestions on how I could reach the corner above the shower.  The ladder was too wide to fit in the tub and the toilet was in the way outside of the tub.  My only solution was him helping me when he got home.  The rule with my painting craziness is that I have to do it alone and not drag him into it. 

His response: “That is going to look really weird not painted.”

Jerk.  But he did help me…after some whining, of course.  Is there any other way?

Next guest bathroom issue, the shower curtain I ordered.  I was really into the spa-like feel so I went with a white waffle curtain. I also wanted it extra long (96”) because I had read on a few blogs on how the extra height looks so lovely. I was wrong on the white and the height…


This picture actually makes it look better than what Nate and I think it looks like in person. 

The height was just really weird….like we were trying to hide something…other than the shower. I think this height looks better in bathrooms where the shower is off to the side, not straight on when you walk through the door. We also have 9 foot ceilings so the curtain didn’t reach the ceilings like the examples I had seen.

The white was just too much white.  The curtain made the rest of the white in the bathroom look sort of ivory…and as you can see, the curtain is very see-through.

On a happier note, the walls are now a pretty grey…much better than the previous Macadamia…

Summer To Do (65)2038

The shower curtain can be returned in-store and I have a new one on order…I’ll leave you in suspense on that one…

What are your thoughts on shower curtain height?  Is there such a thing as too much white?