Summer To-Do List: House Edition

Are you a list maker?  I am in every aspect of my life…except for house projects.  That’s about to change today!

Our week-ends during the summer are packed!! Packed full of fun with family and friends but that leaves little time for house projects (as you may have noticed in my lack of substantial house related posts).  We spend our week nights doing laundry, mowing, cleaning, etc. which leaves little time for projects (and no one wants to read a post about me cleaning dirty underwear).  When we do have time for projects we seem to forget what we were going to tackle and end up doing nothing.  It’s time for a change. 

We have some free week-ends coming up and here are the plans…slightly lofty plans but still manageable.  We built a house in 8 months…I think we can tackle a few decor projects in 3 months.

What do we hope to accomplish?


Remember our big mudroom plans??  Yeah, the mudroom still looks like the before picture.  This room will probably be first up on our to-do list.


Kitchen Shelf?:

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed a slight new obsession with shelves over windows or doors.  I think a shelf holding vintage kitchen items would look pretty over our patio door?  I’m not completely sold but I think it may work.  What are your thoughts?

image Summer To Do (41)pn

Girly Laundry Room:

Our laundry room is a hot MESS.  I can’t even believe I am posting these photos.  I am hoping to shame myself into motivation.  The rest of our house was shot as is…I’m a slight neat freak but I do have my dark secrets…and this is one of them…the shame! 

I have big plans for this room.  I’m thinking lighter walls and girly.  I think Nate has been in the laundry room 3 times since we have moved in so he won’t even notice if I have a little pink in here…

Summer To Do (43) Summer To Do (46)

Bed Frame:

Our bed needs a bed frame to go with our DIY’ed headboard copy cat.  I can’t find a bedskirt that I like and I think a bed frame would give the room a cleaner look. I’m thinking another West Elm knock-off is in store. Ike flew off the bed in excitement when he heard about this plan…

Summer To Do (61)

Guest Bathroom:

Our guest bathroom needs a coat of Valspar’s Gravity…to coordinate with our guest bedroom.

Now I need your opinions on the shower curtain situation (why do I think of Jersey Shore every time I type that word?…focus). 

Should I go with a white shower curtain for a spa-like feel or something more bold?  I’m afraid a white shower curtain may be too much white in the room but I also feel that it would look clean and crisp against the grey walls.  I’m open to all opinions…

Summer To Do (62)

Guest Bedroom Gallery Wall:

Our guest bedroom is getting a gallery wall.  I have ideas in my head.  I just need to get to work on making the prints/printing them out.  I think I also need to paint some frames.  Again, I will take opinions.  Black frames, white frames, yellow frames, a mix?  Glad I went with a white comforter in this room…that dog was on a roll during this photo session…

Summer To Do (68)

Outdoor Patio:

I recently showed you our deck but we also have another backyard space….and it needs a little TLC.  Neither of us has a good vision for this space but we know that it needs cleaned up (hello power washer) and at least some hanging baskets.  We are also going to look for some clearanced furniture to replace our 5 year old Wal-Mart special…which is still holding strong…



Kitchen Backsplash:

If we get really ambitious, we will tackle our kitchen backsplash…but this may need to wait until fall…or later because we are the most indecisive people on the planet solar system…

Summer To Do (42)

There you have it.  Our summer to-do list!  What’s on your to-do list?  Also, feel free to share any opinions/ideas on our oncoming projects!