Photo Booth- Iowa Style

My childhood best friend, Melissa, got married this past week-end.  The wedding took place in our home town.  I love a good home town Iowa wedding.  Seriously.  Nothing better.

Melissa Mitch Wedding 184-2

As any good matron-of-honor would do…I overwhelmed the bride with some wonderful ideas beforehand. Because I’m awesomely helpful.

One idea I loved was setting up a photo booth at the reception (I act like it was my wedding). I first saw the idea here (some of you may recognize that this blog was the prequel to Our Little Beehive.  Felicity always has such classy ideas). I like the idea of the photo booth because it allows you to capture photos of your guests..which you probably wouldn’t get otherwise.

The bride’s dad whipped up a nice backdrop and Nate was forced willingly took all of the photographs.  I was surprised at how willing the guests were to have their photo snapped.  I think the free beer fun accessories may have helped.  Even Grandma got in on the fun!!

Here’s a sampling of the photo booth success…

Picnik collage1

Picnik collage3

Picnik collage2

Once we are done editing the photos, we are going to make a photo booth guest book for the bride and groom as part of their wedding gift.  We might get it to them by their 5 year anniversary…seriously…

Speaking of editing…oh, the things you can do in Photoshop Elements.  Below is the before and after using Elements.  We’re still debating if black is the right answer but we liked the classic look and how it makes the “subjects” stand out.  What are your thoughts?

Picnik collage4

I should learn how to fix my greasy face…

There you have it.  A photo booth at an Iowa wedding.  If only I had saved you some of that tasty wedding cake…

Seen anything unique and fun at any weddings you’ve attended this summer?

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