Tybee Time

I’m baaaackkkkkk!  Did you miss me?  I bet you didn’t even know I was gone beings my lovely guests held the fort blog down? (Thanks again ladies!)

Nate and I took a trip with my family to Tybee Island, Georgia.  A whole week of sun, 90+ degrees, and no work….woo hoo to island life!!

Tybee Savannah 463

And now you get to suffer through vacation photos…mwah ha ha.  I really think they could make vacation photos some sort of prisoner torture strategy!  Luckily I am just going to share with you some of my favorites and not all 1300 photos that my mom took (you only wish I was joking).

How’d we spend our time on Tybee Island?

We people watched from our condo…one of my favorite vacation past times…

Tybee Savannah 007

Sunbathed.  Can you believe that neither of us got burnt?  Thank you SPF 45…and nap time during peak sun hours…oh, nap time…I miss you already…


We toured the Tybee Island lighthouse and surrounding buildings…

Tybee Savannah 010

The house is where the lighthouse keeper lived.  The banister in the house was built to resemble the lighthouse…someone was thinking…

Tybee Savannah 052pn

The view from the top was amazing…and super scary for a girl who doesn’t even like the second step on a ladder…

Tybee Savannah 038

We took a day trip to the Wormsloe Historic Site where we strolled through the 400+ oak trees with beautiful Spanish moss…

Tybee Savannah 210

The Wormsloe site contains tabby ruins that are the oldest standing structures in Savannah. True tabby is made of equal parts lime, water, sand, oyster shells, and ash.  You won’t find this as a building material in Iowa!

Tybee Savannah 166

We ate the most delicious gelato once twice almost every night…


In the mornings, my parents and I would wander the island streets and check out the beach houses…and make room for more gelato…

Picnik collagehouses

We took a family photo…my dad was totally into it…

Tybee Savannah 370

My brother walked on water…(Single ladies, he’s available. Contact me for his info…)

Tybee Savannah 352

And Nate took pretty pictures…

Tybee Savannah 337

Tybee Savannah 387

Tybee Savannah 425

Tybee Savannah 416

We also did some sightseeing in Savannah which I will share with you on Thursday…just when you thought the torture had ended!!  **insert evil laugh**

What’s your favorite vacation destination?  Are you a beach fanatic or land lover?  Are you the relaxing type or a go-getter vacationer? 

I want to hear from every one of you that reads this blog today….your comments may be the only things that get me through my first day back at work. :)