Chevron + Junk Chair = LOVE

Remember this chair that I bought over a month ago (if not, read about it here)…

April 2011 049

I finally worked up enough courage to reupholster it….




I whipped up a little polka dot pillow to be the chair’s friend.  Speaking of friends, my sewing machine and I are currently on good terms.  Let’s not go screwing that up Mr. Sewing Machine…


And here is the chair living happily in our guest bedroom (sans the polka dot pillow).  The chair is replacing the big hunking dresser that used to live in that corner.  Removing the dresser was a good decision (it’s going to live with my brother).  It opened up the room a lot.


Tomorrow I will show you how I reupholstered this chair. 

Stop by on Wednesday for a few more updates to this room!

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