Before and After: Hazardous Design

This week is a very exciting week on Decor and the Dog!  I am having 5 of my favorite bloggers share their favorite "Before and After"....because who doesn't love a good "Before and After"...and who doesn't need more awesome blogs to add to their blogroll? The bathroom will clean itself, I on!

Our first guest blogger is Carrie from Hazardous Design. Carrie and her husband have fabulous taste and have done amazing things to their New England home. (Check out their house tour here.) Carrie and I are also in a "blog club" together.  Yes, their is such a thing as blog club...and yes, it is as nerdy as it sounds.  Carrie is now going to share with us her favorite "Before and After"...


When Michelle asked me to participate in her "Before and After" series, I knew I wanted to share my proudest accomplishment yet in our new home on Hazard Ave...the Home Office.

Here are a few pictures of what the room looked like "Before", during the home inspection walkthrough.

The room doesn't look that bad in pictures --at least nothing that a good spring cleaning couldn't help, but close up we could see the kind of wear and tear one would expect of a house built in 1886. The blue paint had become chalky, the plaster walls were pitted, and there were millions of cracks in the ceiling. (Okay, so "millions of cracks" is a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure did feel that way when I was up on the scaffolding trying to patch them all...)

Skim-coating the walls did a world of difference to smooth out the texture and fill the holes and cracks.  My husband attached crown molding to the built in shelves.

I put a fresh coat of paint on the walls

And we took down the dated chandelier and replaced it with one we had in the dining room of our old house.

After we switched out the solid wood doors with French doors, we finally considered the room DONE!

Here is what our Home Office looks like "After" all our changes.

Thanks Michelle, this has been a fun trip down memory lane! 


I told you she had fabulous taste! Be sure to stop by Hazardous Design and check out all of Carrie's hard work!
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