Stupid Curtains

I asked Nate what I should title this post…and there you have it…

For my new readers, I have been waiting on West Elm's Opaque Linen Pole-Pocket Panels for 2 months.  You can read about my impatience here, here, and here.

They finally arrived 2 weeks ago.  We were busy doing yard work last week-end and didn’t get them hung.  It just about killed me.  Seriously.

This week-end it decided to snow (awesome) so I am happy to report that they are now hanging beautifully in our bedroom. I wish I had some better lighting this morning.  It was gloomy yesterday so I waited in hopes of some sun but still gloom.  They are talking 12 straight days of significant rainfall. Go Iowa.  I also really need to learn how to use our DSLR….and get rid of that ceiling fan…

April 2011 104 

 April 2011 087

I like how they soften the room but don’t disturb the view.  I think they are perfect (but not perfectly fluffed yet).  I’d almost say that they were worth the wait but I won’t go that far.  My impatient side won’t let me. I did get 5% cash back from the wait though (my credit card started offering 5% cash back on purchases at home stores…awesome!).

Anyone else have a husband who loves hanging curtains?  Who can convince Nate that the ceiling fan must go?

Did you notice our curtain rods?  We made them ourselves….more on that tomorrow!